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By Lindsay Scott

Manchester, UK

International PMO Day

PMO practitioners around the globe are invited to celebrate their PMOs and their work on a newly established International Day of Recognition.

International PMO Day – established in 2023 – is about recognising, highlighting, promoting, appreciating, and celebrating PMOs in organisations today.

It’s a special day dedicated to PMO and raises awareness about the importance of the effective support of project, programme and portfolio management, promotes best practices, and recognises the valuable work and contribution of PMO professionals across the globe.

International PMO Day is not just for those leading and working in PMOs – it’s also a day for people who appreciate the work they do such as delivery teams and senior executives – and for companies and suppliers that support PMO work through services, software and development.

There are numerous ways you can get involved – as an individual, a PMO team, an organisation or anyone who recognises and works with PMO professionals.

You can take a look at the different ideas available on the International PMO Day website. Ideas range from just a simple team photo shared with #intPMODay – the hashtag for the day; showing appreciation for the PMO team with a gift or cake; organising a community of practice day celebrating the successes or getting involved in online events on the day.

Several leading PMO organisations and professionals, passionate and committed to the profession of PMO, established International PMO Day together. The House of PMO along with PMO Global Alliance, PMO Strategies, The PMO Leader and PMOfficers joined forces to launch the International Day of Recognition which will take place on the second Tuesday each May.


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About the Author

Lindsay Scott

Manchester, UK


Lindsay Scott is the co-founder of House of PMO, the professional membership organisation for people working in PMOs today. She’s the curator of the PMO Conference, the largest gathering of PMO professionals since 2015. Lindsay is also the co-founder of PMO Learning, a training organisation specialised in delivering certifications and courses for PMO practitioners. Lindsay is also the PMI’s career columnist since 2016, offering career-related advice to project professionals. She has a previous career in project management recruitment & employment and previously worked as a PMO Manager earlier in her career.

Today Lindsay enjoys bringing PMO people together, building a community over the last couple of decades – to help people develop themselves, help the development of others and to help drive the profession of PMO forward. You can connect with Lindsay via Linkedin or get in touch at www.houseofpmo.com

The House of PMO is a professional membership organisation for those working in PMOs today. Initially set up in 2013 and called PMO Flashmob, it transitioned to the House of PMO in 2021. The House of PMO was established to bring PMO people together, creating a home for PMO professionals where they can develop themselves, support the development of others and contribute to the development of the PMO profession. How is this achieved? By developing standards – such as the PMO Competency Framework; providing professional development (the Essentials qualifications); arranging events and networking opportunities (such as weekly events and an annual PMO Conference); providing a platform to learn from each other (the annual PMO Managers Lunch); publishing works, supporting research, tracking trends and providing essential knowledge for PMO practitioners working today. To learn more, visit www.houseofpmo.com

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