April 2019 PM Report from Italy

The People of Project Management in Italy; PM Certifications in Italy (Project Management Update from Rome)



By Massimo Pirozzi

International Correspondent

Rome, Italy



Project Management in Italy

End of March 2019


This forth Regional Report includes an updated overview, including some analysis, about the people of Project Management in Italy, and, in its second part, an outline about Certifications in Italy, including an interesting contribution by Vito Introna, Associate Professor at University of Rome Tor Vergata.


If we consider the number of Certifications in Project Management that have been issued in 2018 as the best objective Key Performance Indicator of Project Management discipline, as may be it is appropriate, all figures confirm the extremely positive trend of last years: indeed, the overall number of certified Project Management practitioners plenty exceeded 20.000¹, and the 2017’s trend of about 15% increase, which has been the greatest of all time in Italy, was almost confirmed.  Approximately, while project management certifications started to be released in Italy 20 years ago, almost 2/3 of them has been issued in last five years: in particular, about 52% of total 20.000 certifications have been released by Istituto Italiano di Project management, ISIPM in short, 40% by PMI, and 8% by IPMA, respectively. In general, considering the total number of certifications, about 60% are Basic (ISIPM-Base, CAPM, etc.), while 40% are Advanced (PMP, ISIPM-Av, etc.). In 2018, there were more than 2.000 Basic Certifications (96% ISIPM-Base, 4% CAPM), and almost 1.000 Advanced Certifications (about 70% PMP, 30% ISIPM-Av): it is absolutely remarkable both that ISIPM exceeded significantly the number of 10.000 certifications, and that, in few years, the Certification ISIPM Av succeeded to gain a share of 30% of the market.

From the analytical perspective, 2018 has been characterized by two greatly positive trends: first, a great increase in the number of project management certifications from the Public Administrations, and, second, a significant success of the approach “management by projects”, which uses project management discipline to target higher performances in efficacy and efficiency, not only in managing projects, but in managing operations and/or processes, too.


The National Certifications of the Italian independent Istituto Italiano di Project Management (Italian Institute of Project Management, ISIPM for short), i.e. the Basic ISIPM Base and the Advanced ISIPM Av, are both coherent with International Standards, as ISO 21500:2012 and  PMBOK® GUIDE Sixth Edition, while ISIPM Av, moreover, conforms to ISO 21500. In general, the major Project Management Associations that operate in Italy are the National ISIPM, the International Project Management Institute, which is structured in three Chapters (PMI Northern Italy Chapter, PMI Central Italy Chapter, PMI Southern Italy Chapter), and also the International Project Management Association (IPMA), which is represented by its Member Association IPMA Italy. Each of these three organizations offers its own certification path in Project management, both at Basic and Advanced Levels: it can be interesting to notice that, in all Europe, in terms of Advanced Certifications, ISIPM, together with the largest National Association, the British APM – Association for Project Management, are the only National Project Management Associations that provide a “National Independent Certification Path”.


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About the Author

Massimo Pirozzi

Rome, Italy



Massimo Pirozzi, MSc cum laude, Electronic Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Principal Consultant, Project Manager, and Educator. He is a Member and the Secretary of the Executive Board, a Member of the Scientific Committee, and an accredited Master Teacher, of the Istituto Italiano di Project Management (Italian Institute of Project Management). He is certified as a Professional Project Manager, as an Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor, and as an International Mediator. He is a Researcher, a Lecturer, and an Author about Stakeholder Identification and Management, Relationship Management, Complex Projects Management, and Project Management X.0.

Massimo has a wide experience in managing large and complex projects in national and international contexts, and in managing relations with public and private organizations, including multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, and non-profit organizations. He worked successfully in several sectors, including Defense, Security, Health, Education, Cultural Heritage, Transport, Gaming, and Services to Citizens. He was also, for many years, a Top Manager in ICT Industry, and an Adjunct Professor in Organizational Psychology. He is registered as an Expert of the European Commission, and as an Expert of the Italian Public Administrations.

Massimo Pirozzi serves as an international Correspondent in Italy for the PM World Journal. He can be contacted at pirozzi@isipm.org

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