New World. New Challenges. New Solutions



Compiled and Edited by Ipek Sahra Ozguler

International Correspondent

Istanbul, Turkey

The PMXPO was held on 25 March 2021. The theme of the PXXPO was “New World. New Challenges. New Solutions.” Recovery is underway and while we are navigating a world defined by challenge and change, we can embrace the opportunity to Make Reality in new and exciting ways.

The report brings some of the PMXPO 2021 Speakers together and provides brief information about their presentations.


Sunil Prashara. 2

Annmarie Curley. 3

Avinash Patil 4

Barbara Trautlein. 5

Bruce Gay. 6

Emily Hannon-Luijbregts. 7

Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin. 8

Lesley Hausmann. 9

Michael Palladino. 10

Nick Duffill 11

Sunil Prashara

President & CEO


Session 201: Opening General Session: New World. New Challenges. New Solutions.

PMI President and CEO Sunil Prashara, spoke with Dr. Wladimir Klitschko, long-time reigning world heavyweight boxing champion and founder of the “F.A.C.E. the Challenge” method for increasing willpower, on how preparing for a bout in the ring is similar to preparing for a major project. Within this context, the following questions were discussed.

  • What are a few tips and techniques you recommend to anyone faced with an insurmountable challenge?
  • Can you share with us a time where you helped someone navigate a challenging situation in a new way?
  • PMI does charitable work around the globe, through our youth initiatives and the PMI Educational Foundation we are able to reach and mentor many young, aspiring professionals and help them achieve their goals. Talk about your own foundation and how it’s helped today’s youth?
  • You just received the Golden Heart award from the aid organization “Ein Herz für Kinder” for your great contributions to youth through your foundation. What would you say is the most important contribution/change you make to these young individuals? What can any one of us do to create a more equitable world for youth? ● Tell us about the sustainable partnerships you’re an advocate for?
  • What advice would you give young people to make their dreams a reality?


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Ipek Sahra Ozguler

Istanbul, Turkey


Ipek Sahra Ozguler graduated from the Istanbul University, Turkey with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and from Middle East Technical University, Turkey with an MSc degree in Software Management. As a project manager, she has more than 13 years of experience in various areas such as portfolio management, program management, project management, software management, business analysis. She became a certified PMP in 2012 and a certified SCRUM Master in 2014.

She has gained broader insights in a variety of projects across manufacturing, defence, FMCG (Cola Cola), insurance (Euler Hermes), audit (Deloitte), telecommunication, aviation and finance sectors. In addition, she has been working as an international correspondent for the PM World Journal since 2014.

Ipek is the creator and editor of the highly acclaimed book, The Perspective of Women Project Management Professionals, interviews with leading female PM experts and professionals around the world. The book was published in March 2020 and is available here.

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